With the English weather being as unpredictable as it always is, it can be difficult to decide on a clip type for your horse or pony. The benefits of a clip are varied, and it requires some foreplanning to decide how much hair to remove. Clipping reduces sweating, which can leave stains and marks on lighter coloured fur, and be uncomfortable for the horse. Sweat can also be an issue during winter months when excesses can cause a chill. It really depends on the work load your horse is undertaking, but these are the main horse clip types


Just hair on the chest and neck are removed. This lighter clip targets only the areas that get particularly doused in sweat. The longer strip along the stomach is called a “strip”

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The hair coverage on top of the neck keeps the muscles warm and so is a great clip for horses in medium work, but who are also turned out into a field so need some warmth against the elements


A great clip for horses in heavy work, whilst providing protection on the legs against water and mud whilst riding, with a saddle patch to avoid tenderness when tacked up.


The legs and top of croup and quarters are covered as these are areas that are not prone to sweating, and so are now clipped to provide coverage for horses in turn out whilst in medium work.

Whether your horse is turned out, the breed of your horse, and the strenuousness of the workload they are under are all factors which may influence your decision as to which clip is suitable for your horse or pony.

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