Our wide range of stable mats are unrivalled in quality and are a great deal on price, but why do so many horse owners choose rubber matting as bedding for their stable? Their benefits are numerous, and we here at All Horse UK believe that stables lined with rubber mats mean happy and comfortable horses!


Rubber matts help with heat isolation in a stable. It acts as a great barrier between your horse and the concrete flooring, meaning that the space where your horse occupies is kept warm, especially if combined with another bedding such as straw or shavings and particularly in the winter months.


A durable rubber surface can help protect an energetic horse if they thrash about in their stable. Rubber mats can also be useful if they are fixed to walls to cushion from kicking and biting. Horses’ hooves may also slip when getting themselves up from concrete flooring, so a rubber mat adds grip he and reduces the risk of casting. Shock-absorbance of rubber is kinder on a horse’s joints


Rubber matts are easy to hose and brush down, making them ideal for your stable. There is no risk of dust as with other kind of bedding, which is a better option for horses with respitory problems. It also provides a dry flooring environment which can benefit hooves, whereas other bedding such as straw or shavings may conceal moisture, even when mucked out often

Rubber mats are proven to improve heat insulation to keep your horse warmer and safer during those colder winter months, provide a softer surface for them to walk and sleep on and also mean that you can reduce the amount of bedding needed by up to 80%. They are removing any risk of excess moisture and dust as well as cushioning any joints in older animals.

Browse our range of stable mats to find the right type of rubber mat for your stable today!

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