Mud is unavoidable, any field that is exposed to rain is inevitably going to get muddy, and if your horse lives outdoors then it is going to just be a part of life – but at what point does mud become a health hazard? What measures can you take to prevent ailments as a result of overly muddy fields?

The risks.

Horses that have to stand in excessive moisture or mud can face increase health problems. It isn’t just the moisture in the pasture but also the bacteria in the soil can cause issues. Feet being constantly wet makes them softer and more vulnerable to many problems; a soft hoof wall tends to collapse and splay out over time, and a soft, wet hoof doesn’t hold nails very well.

Mud can also lead to negative impacts such as thrush and tender feet. Your horse may lose shoes in deep, sticky mud, and the soft ground can even cause abnormal hoof growth. If mud softens up your horse’s feet too much, he may be prone to hoof bruising and abscesses. Mud fever and mites are also a result of, particularly wet and muddy living conditions.

What you can do to reduce the risk of mud to your horse’s health?

Field mats provide a safe and dry steady footing for your horse, particularly if they are standing in one particular area such as where hay nets are hung. This prevents horses from spending time drenching their hooves and feathering in the wet and potentially causing issues to their health!

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As always, if your horse develops any health issues, call your vet immediately!

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