At All Horse UK, we know the benefits of having rubber matting as your base layer in your stables, in fact you can read our other article all about it here!

Now you’re convinced that rubber mats are exactly what you need, great choice! Now it’s time to choose which.

You may notice that stable mats can come with varying textures and toppings, we’re here to walk you through which is the right fit for you!

First of all we have the Bubble top mats

This texture offers grip, avoids slipping and is generally safer for a horse than plain flat rubber mats without any texture. They provide excellent grip under hoof when rolling, lying or getting up. These mats are also non-porous so will not absorb urine or other liquids which could harbour bacteria. They are also heavy-duty and durable, meaning you know they will last.

This mat option also comes with urine channels built into the reverse side, to aid with the channelling out of liquids from the stable floor. This rubber matting system provides seamless stable flooring by interlocking and securing a safe and comfortable environment for your horse.

Next we have our EVA mats, which consist of high-density foam. In other words, these mats are made from a composite of both foam and rubber and this is what makes them much lighter than solid rubber stable mats. This makes them lighter to carry and easy to transport. The softer rubber provides thermal insulation and an anti-fatigue surface.

These mats are permanently sealed to the floor, and will not lift or move, removing the risk of injury from slippage. The softer texture also prevents cuts, grazes and capped hocks normally associated with concrete flooring!

We also have outdoor options for rubber matting, so check out our gateway mats here!

Whichever option you go for, you can rest assured that by choosing All Horse UK, you are providing your horse or pony with the very best quality, without breaking the bank.

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