You’ve kitted out your stable with the best rubber stable matting, to ensure your horse’s comfort, safety, cleanliness and grip- but what about boredom busting?

If you are having to keep your horse turned in for any reason from injury, to grass limitation, we have the best top tips to help keep your stable-bound equine friend occupied.

We recommend rubber matting for stable floors as a bottom layer beneath bedding material, as some horses can cause themselves injury, especially if they are bored. You can shop our range of matting here.

  1. Many horses enjoy a sweet treat to keep their mind occupied. A great example of a tasty boredom-buster is a LIKIT. These toys are often difficult-to-reach tasty blocks, which can not be bitten or chewed, and so demand hours of licking, nuzzling, and figuring out!

2. Another great way to keep your horse’s mind occupied while he is kept in the stable, is a treat ball! These have to be rolled around through kicking to release the treats inside! Horses naturally kick out and explore with their feet, meaning that rubber matting as a base layer can be vital in cushioning the hard floor of a concrete stable, as well as insulating to keep the warm in!

3. Horses by nature are very sociable animals, and so it would be beneficial to them to be stabled nearby to their herd-mates. If your horse must be stabled when others are turned out in the field, it is worth choosing a stable overlooking a busy yard so that they do not feel isolated and alone.

4. If you have a horse who is on a stricter diet and has to be regulated in terms of tasty treats and sugary things, try a bouncy “jolly ball”. These toys are bouncy inflatable balls with a non-toxic handle for grabbing onto and chomping! Proven to reduce stress in horses, these 10” balls will not deflate making them a perfect boredom busting accessory for both the stable and field.

5. A great DIY tactic is to poke a hole through the middle of an apple and a carrot, and hang that from the roof of your stable. Similar to the LIKIT, your horse will enjoy trying to get his mouth around the ever-swinging treat! In summer you can even freeze water in Tupperware trays with some apples frozen inside!

If you are ever in any doubt about the welfare of your horse please do not hesitate to call your vet.

For further information on rubber matting for your stable, you can get in touch with a member of our team today. Why not head over to our facebook for more info?

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