At All Horse UK we are always looking for new products to help make the #equestrianlife that bit easier! With Autumn just around the corner, now is the time to prepare the fields for your horses’ turnout!

New in, introducing our ‘Ground Stabilisation Mesh’ – Available in 1.5m x 45m rolls! This mesh offers stabilisation in high traffic areas.

Easy to use, Economic and Effective Reinforcement for Roads and Embankments. Sloped earth can be susceptible to land movement especially when pedestrians, vehicles, and of course horses are travelling across them. Commonly used on landscaped areas and uneven land, our grass reinforcement mesh will support and stabilise the ground, avoiding accidents, falls, and expensive vet fees! Installation is quick and convenient, and can help you get your land steady and stable before the Autumn rains make a mess of the fields once more!

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