NEW PRODUCT – Stabilisation Mesh

At All Horse UK we are always looking for new products to help make the #equestrianlife that bit easier! With Autumn just around the corner, now is the time to prepare the fields for your horses’ turnout! New in, introducing our ‘Ground Stabilisation Mesh’ – Available in 1.5m x 45m rolls! This mesh offers stabilisation […]

When To Watch The Olympic Dressage

olympic dressage

If you’re awash with Olimpic fever, then great news, here are all the timings when you can catch the dressage events! Let’s try to harness the inevitable envy into training motivation (cobs can piaffe, right?) The Olympic eventing dressage times have now been released. The dressage phase of the eventing at the Tokyo Olympics takes place over two days […]

5 Top Tips For Summer Turnout

As summer rolls around, many equestrians will rejoice for the reduction in mud, frozen toes, and general hassle of winter time (let’s not forget frozen taps and iced-over buckets!) However, Summer comes with its own set of challenges which face horse owners. Follow these tips to make sure this summer is a breeze for both […]

How Horses Can Help Your Mental Health

Last week it was #mentalhealthawarenessweek, prompting many people to discuss elements of their mentalhealth issues, raise awareness, and offer support to their family and peers. For many who seek solace from their equestrianism, the stables is a sanctuary, and one of the few places their struggles can be forgotten, even if for a short while. […]

Five Great Boredom-Busting Tips For Stabled Horses

boredom buster tips with all horse uk

You’ve kitted out your stable with the best rubber stable matting, to ensure your horse’s comfort, safety, cleanliness and grip- but what about boredom busting? If you are having to keep your horse turned in for any reason from injury, to grass limitation, we have the best top tips to help keep your stable-bound equine […]

Snowball Hooves Help!

Snowball Hooves?

With the plummeting temperatures, snow and ice is an often occurrence, and hoof healthcare is as important as ever! Stilettos have no place at the yard, let alone on your horse, so make sure they aren’t teetering around on these snowball high heels. This uneven walking can cause damage not only to hooves but also […]

Cold Weather Horse Care

Winter horse care from All Horse UK

Sudden and unpredictable weather change is standard for the UK, but one thing we can count on is freezing temperatures during winter. This leaves many horse owners asking how they can best care for their horses when it gets more than just a bit nippy outside! Horses can do fine living outside through the winter, […]

Not sure which type of rubber mat for your stable?

what type of rubber mat for your stable?

At All Horse UK, we know the benefits of having rubber matting as your base layer in your stables, in fact you can read our other article all about it here! Now you’re convinced that rubber mats are exactly what you need, great choice! Now it’s time to choose which. You may notice that stable […]

Why Mud Can Risk Your Horse’s Health

Why mud can risk your horse's health (and how to reduce the risk!)

Mud is unavoidable, any field that is exposed to rain is inevitably going to get muddy, and if your horse lives outdoors then it is going to just be a part of life – but at what point does mud become a health hazard? What measures can you take to prevent ailments as a result […]

Why Rubber Stable Mats?

Why Rubber Stable Mats? At All Horse UK

Our wide range of stable mats are unrivalled in quality and are a great deal on price, but why do so many horse owners choose rubber matting as bedding for their stable? Their benefits are numerous, and we here at All Horse UK believe that stables lined with rubber mats mean happy and comfortable horses! […]