Rubber Grip-Top Ramp Matting for Trailers (Free Delivery)




Rubber Grip-top ramp matting for horse-box trailers.

What size is it?

These mats come in sheets of 5mm 1.2m x 2m with 1-ply for extra strength.

We can also cut to custom lengths, just drop us an Email or call us (01922 895 839) for more info!

Do you have any other mats for horses?

We also have EVA stable mats in 24mm or 34mm.

You can also find a packs of rubber stable mats in 12mm or 18mm.

Why should I use Rubber Grip-top Ramp Matting?

Rubber Grip-top Ramp matting provides an extra grippy surface even on the steepest of ramps which will reduce the risk of slipping for your horse. With the extra 1-ply sewn throughout the matting, it is incredibly durable and yet still light weight meaning that it is ideal for use on horse-box and livestock ramps. Even in the UK’s wet climate, this matting will provide extra grip for your horse or other animals when they are climbing up the ramp into the horse or livestock box and avoid injuries from accidental slippage.

Where are you based, can I come and collect?

We’re a local company based in the UK. If you’re in Aldridge, Walsall (WS9 8UQ) pop in and have a mooch around whilst our lovely staff show you around and answer any questions you may have.

Are you on social media?

Yes! Please follow us on Facebook for updates:

If you’d like to have a chat or have any questions then please call our lovely team today on 01922 895 839.

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